PGH Bricks
PGH Bricks & Pavers™, plants in Australia produce an extensive range of bricks and pavers to suit residential, architectural and commercial applications. Modern equipment and technology has made it possible to deliver standards of colour and textural consistency equal to that anywhere in the world.


Eco Brick
Established in 1991, ecobricks™ (formerly Toby’s Recycled Bricks) is Australia’s leading supplier of used bricks, secondhand bricks and recycled bricks and pavers.

With one of the largest supplies of recycled bricks and pavers, ecobricks™ has achieved a reputation for providing quality recycled products and meeting customer expectations.

Eco Bricks are located in Clayton, Melbourne VIC.



Namoi Valley Brick
Namoi Valley Bricks
Operating since 1959, Namoi Valley Bricks produce a unique range of clay bricks and pavers for the housing and commercial markets. They supply bricks and pavers throughout NSW and also export to Japan.

Thier head office is located in Gunnedah, NSW which is also where Namoi Valley bricks are produced.



ADVANCE Bricks & Pavers
Advance Bricks being manufactured in Stawell Victoria present a unique range of fired clay bricks in colours and styles to enhance the many and varied types of architecture.


Krause Bricks
Located in the rural Victorian city of Stawell, Krause Bricks manufactures a highly differentiated boutique brick product, with a product range consisting of wire-cut and pressed bricks, blocks and pavers in vivid reds and blues through to warm, earthy tones.